Southport Dog Walkers

Dog-walker and pet-sitter network

We are a group of dog walkers that live and work near the Southport corridor area of Lakeview, Chicago! Some of us also work through apps, but we're trying to build something outside these platforms—which tend to overcharge pet owners and underpay their workers.

Walks start at $15 with discounts for setting up a regular schedule—and these rates can be negotiated with your walker!

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Dog Walking

In-House Pet Sitting

As of now, we only offer dog walks and pet sitting but you're more than welcome to work out other arrangements with your walker! Everyone here is working independently and decides how and when they want to work.

All first-time scheduling requests come through this website, so we can assign a walker who is most likely to be available at the times you need them!

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We started Southport Dog Walkers as an alternative way to find clients and match walkers with pet owners, separate from the limitations imposed by dog walking apps and platforms. Because we're all running our own small businesses, we're vastly more flexible in how we're paid, what we can work with, and how we build our services around your needs.

We use leashes on a daily basis, but the last thing we want is to be leashed ourselves. We're here to assist you in taking care of your dog and to make your busy life easier.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious about what we can do for you, how much we can save you over your current walking service, or if you just want to learn more!

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